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Hanna Family and Friends,

We are planning an exciting school year, with all that is going on, it has been challenging making plans. But we have. School will start August 13th .We will be starting out in the traditional setting with regularly scheduled classes, and making our highest priority the well being, health and safety of our Hanna students and staff.  

Never before have we been faced with such a task! Dealing with unrest in our society, corona virus, and changing of schedules in our daily lives. But our Hanna school is committed to OUR children.


We are mailing everyone Tuesday a school letter that will cover  our health and safety measures, changes around the school, class schedules and things we can do as a community to keep our kids safe. Your Hanna School Board and staff have been busy working to make this a successful year.

We are working closely with McIntosh County Health Department, Oklahoma State Department of Education, and local and state leaders to cover all of our bases.


Feel Free to call if you have any questions. (918) 657-2527.

Chad A. Hull,

Hanna Schools Superintendent